A GOVAN six-year-old has been helping the homeless community by making up bags of essentials for those sleeping rough.

Pearce John Wallace told his mum, Sinnead, that he would like to help homeless people after watching a news report on television.

Sinnead said: "We're so proud of him.

"We were sitting watching television one day and Pearce was asking lots of questions about about a homeless person in the background and he said that he had seen people in town too.

"A few hours later he came to me and asked if we could do something to help them and make sure they were warm."

Pearce, with the help of his mum and dad, has handed out bags filled with hats, scarves, toiletries, hand sanitiser, underwear and food to those in need.

Sinnead said: "I put it on my Facebook to let some friends and family know what Pearce was doing and I got a much bigger response than I thought we were going to get.

"Pearce has also been telling everyone in school, including his teachers, and we've even been getting donations from strangers.

"He is so excited that people want to help his cause."

Pearce's amazing act of kindness hasn't surprised Sinnead, who says that her son has always looked out for others.

She said: "Pearce has always been kind and charitable.

"My brother is very much the same so he might pick it up from him, but I am so proud of him.

"He is such an affectionate wee boy and last year was even given award from school for nurturing behaviour because he was helping other kids in his class.

"It's really special to see your son become such a caring person."