WORK is to finally begin to repair storm damaged flats three years after the tenement suffered a partial collapse.

In October 2017 Storm Ophelia caused the facade of the building at 127-129 Albert Road to crumble onto the ground below.

The building had lain empty for a year due to structural concerns so no one was injured in the incident.

But it has meant families left without their homes for three years.

Local councillor Soryia Siddique has been petitioning for action on behalf of affected residents.

Glasgow City Council has now confirmed that work is due to start on November 9.

It is expected to take 24 to 26 weeks to complete.

Dr Siddique said: “I am pleased that there is now a start date for the refurbishment of Albert Road storm damaged building.

“To the disappointment of neighbouring residents, the refurbishment timeline has been delayed over the years.

“It has taken years of campaigning and working with Glasgow City Council to ensure the local community’s aspirations for refurbishment of the storm damaged building were heard.

“I now look forward to seeing the works completed and an improved living environment.”

One of delays to having the building repaired came after the residents' insurance company rejected their claim.

An appeal was then lodged against the decision.

The council has previously pledged that the tenement would be fully repaired by May 2019.

It has previously apologised in a letter to residents, which read: "I apologise for the delays in this process, however, I hope that the neighbouring residents can understand that the situation is complicated and that every effort and support is being given to the owners of this property to try and save their building."