Kevin Bridges has paid a visit to a popular Dumbarton takeaway and fans were quick to callback to one of his most popular bits. 

Staff at Black Rooster Peri Peri shared the image of the 33-year-old comedian on Thursday. 

The Clydebank funnyman was pictured wearing a mask in a social media post which asked: "We had a very special visitor at Black Rooster Dumbarton today...can you tell who it is?"

Fans of course quickly recognised the comedy star and asked if he was having "hoose rice".

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One person wrote: "Bought some chicken to have with his hoose rice?"

Another added: "I hope they didn’t serve him hoose rice."

The fans were referencing a popular bit told by Bridges about staying at a friend's house when he was 10. 

After discovering that his pal's family boil their own rice at home when ordering a takeaway, he was counting seconds until he could go home.

But his friend faired worse after the experience earned him the nickname 'Hoose Rice'. 

Other fans added: "Hope you told him his bill was forty quid."