SCOTTISH Power has been my electricity and gas supplier for many years.

Approximately 18 months ago new “digital technology” meters were installed.

Relatively recently I was informed I would not be receiving my bills by post. They would be sent by email.

For personal family reasons, I require my bills to be sent by post. I have no problem with digital technology. I am 89, but wrote my first computer program 50 years ago.

I had great difficulty in getting Scottish Power to confirm my bills would be sent by post.

I subsequently asked for details of their cheapest tariff. I was told by phone on October 14 that: “Cheaper tariffs are only given to online customers and not to ones who get bills by post.”

Surely there must be thousands of elderly people who have

no knowledge of how to use

digital technology devices and, possibly, can’t afford to purchase one.

I wonder if all gas/electricity suppliers have adopted this policy used by Scottish Power?

Daniel Harris

Via email

MY daughter had Jane for drama at St Andrew’s Secondary, fabulous teacher (Still Game’s Isa lands teaching job, Glasgow Times online). Good luck.

Linda Osborne

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I’M a cab driver in the city and I can tell you night-time movement is practically zero (‘We are not out of the woods’: Warning Glasgow could be placed into Tier 4 restrictions, Glasgow Times online).

The student capacity is at around 40%. One uni campus accommodation four weeks ago had more than 140 students isolating and now it’s down to 10.

If anyone watched the news over the weekend where they were partying in London, it’s nothing like that up here. On the whole we are very compliant but we all must do our part.

Gary McGrattan

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THE council tax is one of the highest in Scotland, if not the highest, yet the services keep getting reduced (Fears raised on bulk uplift fees, Monday).

Cleansing and uplifts should be a priority to prevent vermin and get the city clean.

Absolutely zero need for bulk uplift to be halted in the first place.

The council must be more accountable!

Noreen Currie

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