LOCKDOWN led an opportunity to discover many new talents, whether that be the perfected banana bread recipe, the ability to binge-watch a whole Netflix season in one day or mastering a roll out of bed two minutes before your working day begins – we’ve all got a new knack to show for it.

One young Glasgow jeweller set herself on an ambitious mission in April after she viewed the space as an open window for creativity.

Amid adapting to a new normal, Olivia Taylor set herself on a ‘design-a-day’ challenge, which unknowingly acted as a foundation for growth and expansion of her jewellery brand.

Glasgow Times:

“I realised that I was procrastinating and not really doing much at the start of lockdown and so I set myself that challenge to design or draw literally anything – an earring or such – every single day even if it was rubbish”, she said.

Fast forward seven months later, the 22-year-old hosts two huge sketchbooks’ worth of contemporary designs that in turn leads her to launch her first bespoke jewellery business collection.

The Glasgow School of Art graduate added: “From my lockdown drawing designs, I was able to produce this contemporary, stylish collection. It gave me a space for opportunity to be creative even when I didn’t really feel like it.

“By staying positive and ignoring the negatives of lockdown, I feel lucky to have had the time to work on my business.”

Glasgow Times:

Due to being unable to access her studio in March, Olivia shifted her way around coronavirus and moved her workbench right into her back garden, transforming her garden shed into a jewellery haven.

Although the move-around meant she now works on her own and from home, she is confident it has been the best thing for her business.

“It led me to really perfect my branding and presence and worked out really well and in my favour.

“Although it has been difficult to reach out to new customers and make sales without events, it has led to a bigger push for people to support local via Instagram and website sales.

“I’ve had to adapt around coronavirus in the way I work and in the way I sell. In a way, the pandemic has pushed me because I’m not doing anything else – I’m just working and I’ve had the time to really build the business that I want and that I love.

“Working from my garden has its pros and cons – I find I get a lot more done now but I also find I’m working seven days a week. I never get a chance to shut off fully but it’s definitely better for me. It’s so exciting to be there constantly and when I get bursts of inspiration, to just head straight to my bench.”

Glasgow Times:

Inspired by stories of travel and architecture, Olivia’s reinterprets hard concrete shapes into soft plays of light, landscape and sky into her fine designs.

Olivia is environmentally conscious in her design process and recycles every piece of offcut. She transforms them into new pieces, giving the piece new purpose, creating very little waste.

Glasgow Times:

The young designer and silversmith has plans to move to Copenhagen, but in the meantime looks forward to seeing her collection in stores across Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Locally, you can buy the young jeweller’s pieces from I Am Nomad on Great Western Road.

Photograhy by Rosie Litterick

Art Direction by Katie at Days London