I STILL can’t believe the ignorance and brass neck of shoppers, despite the rules in place.

I lost count of how many people I spotted in an out-of-town shopping centre who were either not wearing a face covering or just had it over their mouth. This was despite clear signage around the shopping centre and tannoy announcements in various stores.

What chance has the country got?

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YOUR correspondent’s letter in Monday’s Glasgow Times is typical of a nationalist zealot – everything the UK Government does is wrong but the SNP is brilliant.

Ferrier refuses to go despite ignoring the First Minister’s rules. Almost every contract the SNP has done has resulted in massive overspend but we don’t know who was paid because Freedom of Information is refused by this government under privacy rules.

How many people will be unemployed by December 1 as a result of Nicola’s indecision and insistence that schools and universities stay open?

Who wants to bet elections will be cancelled to allow the SNP to stay in power?


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READERS had plenty to say following news that Rangers players Jordan Jones and George Edmundson had breached Covid rules. Here’s a selection of comments...

IT’S happened before and it will, without doubt, happen again.

Young professional athletes are not going to adhere to this so-called bubble that has been established to allow football to continue in the midst of a global pandemic.

There have probably been numerous breaches of the protocols since the season started that have not come into the public domain. The Ibrox duo are just unlucky in that respect.

James White

THE players are a total disgrace.

Total disrespect not only to Rangers but also to the wider football community and also to every single person that has followed the rules/law.

No excuses, they should have

their contracts terminated immediately!

David Barr

THE two players have behaved badly and they can have no

real complaints if they are disciplined.

Not sure they should be “sacked” though.

Duncan Thompson