NICOLA Sturgeon believes the "integrity of US democracy" is on the line as the American election race goes down to the wire. 

The Scottish First Minister says there are "crucial hours and days ahead" with Donald Trump and Joe Biden at neck and neck in their bid to secure a four-year term in the White House. 

The race has so far defied all predictions with a win for Mr Biden now far from certain and President Trump even going so far as to "declare victory" in a speech a short time ago. 

Glasgow Times: Donald Trump and Joe Biden are going head-to-head Donald Trump and Joe Biden are going head-to-head

President Trump has also sowed the seeds of doubt in the legitimacy of the result - without any evidence - and already suggested he could go to the Supreme Court if Mr Biden claims the White House on the back of postal votes yet to be counted. 

Ms Sturgeon last night declared the US election result "matter[ed] to the whole world" and has now shared her thoughts with the race still to be decided.

Ms Sturgeon, who is also a Glasgow MSP, wrote on Twitter: "The ‘good luck, America’ sentiment of last night seems even more apposite this morning.


"Crucial hours and days ahead for the integrity of US democracy. Let’s hope we start to hear the voices of Republicans who understand the importance of that." 

Last night, Ms Sturgeon wrote: "Every politician knows the butterflies in the stomach feeling as close of poll looms...even when it’s not our election.

"But of course the outcome of US elections matter to the whole world. Good luck, America." 

It is likely to be at least a day until the election result is formally declared.