STUDENTS who swapped takeaways for a diet of porridge, rice and beans have raised thousands to feed hungry children.

The Glasgow University Mary’s Meals society has donated £2,465 to the charity after a sponsored fast.

Anna Gilchrist, the co-president of the society, said: “It is always a struggle for the first few days, but really makes us all realise how fortunate we are compared to others.

“Most of our members say that after a week of porridge or rice they never want to eat either of them again till next year’s porridge week.”

The charity, which is sending the money to classrooms in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, said that the students would have been made aware of how difficult it is to focus on learning on an empty stomach.

Emma Hutton, head of grassroots engagement at Mary’s Meals, says: “We are so thankful to these students who, despite having a challenging time this term, are choosing to focus on helping others.

“As a result of their efforts, children who might otherwise be working for their next meal can instead be sitting in classrooms with a full stomach, learning how to read and write.”