I DO think that provisions must be made for cyclists but there are inexperienced and experienced cyclists pedalling about with little regard for pedestrians and road users in the same way that there are a lot of wreckless drivers on the roads (Rise in cycle crashes, Friday).

One isn’t better than the other but as someone who lives near the GWR cycle lanes, I rarely see them being used as people prefer to use the Forth and Clyde canal path.

Why couldn’t an infrastructure have been planned which could have widened that route and that which leads to the Clydeside in both directions?

That would have offered a greener and cleaner solution, perhaps encouraged more people to cycle, freed up the roads and made it safer for pedestrians on both the canal path and pavements.

Charon Hart

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MORE folk have suddenly taken up cycling after this pandemic kicked off – that’s probably why more accidents have happened.

Douglas Thomson

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SOMETIMES I feel cyclists want the best of both being a road user and a pedestrian.

I get it’s not easy being a cyclist on our busy roads ... but the number of times I’ve seen cyclists move from pavement to road then back to the pavement, jumping red lights, not wearing helmets, etc.

And I’ve got to say, many of the cyclists for Deliveroo, Just Eat, etc. are often the worst.

James Alexander

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CYCLISTS need to learn the rules of the road then there won’t be as many accidents.

Most just jump on and off the road when they please, to avoid traffic lights and heavy traffic. And sometimes don’t bother about traffic lights at all. I nearly hit a takeaway delivery driver last night as he came out from a side road that had a red light

Craig Prentice

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CYCLISTS think they are above the law.

They ride on the pavement and jump red lights. They should also be made to take out insurance.

Cliff Shearer

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MAKE them pass a driving test and get insurance so they know the rules of the road and pay up when they cause an accident, instead of us having to claim our own to get repairs done.

Alex Bainbridge

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I’M a huge Rangers fan but we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves (Rangers pick up manager and player of the month awards double for October, Glasgow Times online).

Yes, we’re playing amazing football but Celtic still have two games in hand, if they don’t play well in Europe they might just focus on the league and we will at some point start to get tired.

I cross my fingers we manage to win the league but definitely not ruled out a fight for top spot with Celtic.

Gary Scott

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I’M sick of parents blocking driveways when they go to pick up their kids from schools. It’s a disgrace.

Carrie Stuart

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WILL someone please tell the compiler of the wee quick crossword that “squib” does NOT mean “dud”. A “damp squib” is a dud, a squib is a firework. He/she does it all the time.

Otherwise, I love all your crosswords, they’ve kept me sane during lockdown, especially the Saturday big one, and many thanks to our paper boy Evan for delivering faithfully during this madness.


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