ALMOST two in five people are concerned about their income during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) research.

Twenty-seven per cent of people are concerned about their utility bills, meanwhile 24 per cent are concerned about council tax payments.

The research also found that 32 per cent are concerned about debt repayments, and 23 per cent of people are worried about paying for food.

After seven months of tracking attitudes by CAS and the Diffley Partnership, the research shows that concerns around incomes have remained high and relatively static throughout the pandemic.

The data showed that 39 per cent of people were concerned about their income in October.

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Myles Fitt, CAS financial health spokesperson, said: “It’s massively concerning that almost two in five people are worried about income a during the pandemic, it underlines yet again that this public health crisis is also an economic crisis that is hitting household budgets across the country.

“The concern around income has remained high and we’re beginning to see concerns around bills increase.

“This is not the time for policy makers to be complacent, particularly with energy bills being the next problem as we head into winter, so we welcome the extension of the furlough scheme by the UK Government along with other payment support measures announced by the Financial Conduct Authority.

“It is important for people to talk about any money worries they have, and the CAB network is here to listen and to help.”