I WOULD be surprised if a majority could be found for the installation of Christmas lighting before Remembrance Day is behind us. That this is being done in Largs on Remembrance Sunday is insensitive to the memory of all who serve and the families of those who have given their life in the service of a nation. As such, it appears to me to be both disrespectful and insensitive and should sit uncomfortably in the collective consciousness of all reasonable-minded people.

It will be of no comfort to veterans that the opportunity to remember colleagues in a conventional way, by coming together at memorials up and down the country, has been restricted this year. That should not diminish the solemn importance that many attach to Remembrance Sunday.

Gp Capt A Cowan RAF (Retd)


THE toll on the M6 motorway is to be increased yet again. Journeys will cost between £4:90-£6.90 depending on what junction you take.

The M6 is a public road, paid for by the public, and maintained with public funds – so, my fellow road users that also pay road tax, stop paying the toll! It’s your road, not the toll operator’s, Every road in Britain is paid for with public funds and, as stated, if you pay road tax and your car is roadworthy then you can drive on whatever public road you so desire. Boycott the tolls, Don’t be bullied and robbed by these vultures.

Richard Low


A NUMBER of correspondents raised the issue of the sale of fireworks to the general public, as we do every year. It’s becoming like Groundhog Day. Yet again public service workers are stoned as they try to tackle bonfires in our communities and a family have their home set on fire.

When will the authorities listen to the people and ban the general sale of fireworks and confine them to proper licensed events? Some of these fireworks are more like lethal bombs. The argument is always that the Scottish Government do not have the necessary powers to ban these lethal products but surely there must be provisions to ensure public safety and well-being.



IN plans to revamp parking in Pollok Park (left), I hope someone will remember to have enough Blue Badge spaces close to the building.

Also, in plans for huge developments beside the River Clyde, I hope planners will take into account the projected figures on expected sea-level rise.

Norma De Vilbiss