Earliest memory of Glasgow? Being taken to the park by my granny. And going back later on with my pals when I was at school. I remember the swings – they used to lock it up at 5pm. We played outside all the time. You don’t see kids playing on the streets nowadays. It was much safer back then.

Describe your house: It was a single-end in Bridgeton. I slept in a fold down bed with my wee sister. My grandkids are horrified when I tell them that but looking back, all I can remember are happy times. There was always washing hanging up – the smell of the soap powder takes me back. My granny used to talk about going to the steamie and how all the women chatted, ten-to-the-dozen, but it felt safe. Sometimes we’d take the number 30 tram to Knightswood to visit my dad’s sister. She was the posh aunt! She lived in a semi-detached house, with a garden.

Favourite local cinema and why? Oh, I loved the cinemas. The Orient, the wee Royal...

Favourite local shop and why? We had lots of shops in Bridgeton – I remember Sinclair’s sweetie shop and of course the chippy, where we’d all hang out. There was a café too, I can’t remember the name, where we’d go for ice cream and talk about the latest movies.

Where did you go dancing? We went to the Dennistoun Palais twice a week. I loved getting dressed up to go out with my best pals, doing our hair and make up. We felt so glamorous. Thought we were the bee’s knees.

Best thing about growing up in Glasgow? There was always something going on – the cinema, the dancing, the trams, the parks. It was a great place to grow up in. It’s still a wonderful city.

Happiest childhood memory: Walking in Glasgow Green, chatting with my mum. We did it every day, rain, hail or snow, even when she was getting a bit frail, and now that she’s no longer here, it’s what I miss most.