After being forced to cancel a night away because of new Covid travel restrictions, I moped around my flat for a night.

I’m an avid cook but I just couldn’t bring myself to open the fridge and get creative – I craved one thing and one thing only. Chips and curry.

When the world is getting you down, nothing provides more comfort than curry and chips. This is such a universal truth it may well be written in one of the key religious texts, but I would need to check.

Dennistoun is home to many highly rated Chinese takeaways and I have tried them all, desperately seeking that thing that turns you from casual consumer to loyal for life. On Sunday night I revisited Little Buddha.

I ordered chicken breast curry with chips, and thought why not treat myself? Let’s get some salt and pepper chicken wings on the go. Within 20 minutes Just East texted to say the order was ready so I strolled down for collection. I was disappointed to find a maskless delivery driver hanging around inside despite the sign on the entrance asking people to wear a face covering. The order wasn’t ready, so I sat another five minutes while the man paced around. The staff did have plenty of guidelines up and a Perspex screen on the counter, though, so credit where it’s due.

I love seeing what little freebies takeaways give you. Little Buddha gifted us with what can only be described as a sack of prawn crackers, and some fortune cookies in shiny red and blue wrapping. What a treat!

The curry hit the spot – it brought that comfort I was looking for. The sauce was thick and ran slowly across the chips on my plate, letting off steam as it mixed with the air in my chilly tenement flat. The chicken was a little disappointing – dare I saw chewy – but it didn’t stop me wolfing the meal down.

The wings were the highlight. Glistening in red glaze, covered in spring onion and tangy fried peppers and onions, they smelled incredible. I bought them as a side to share but by the end of the meal I had to pull the classic “sorry I didn’t realise how many I’d had!” card.

Despite having to wait beyond the collection time and my worries over the maskless man, I was content with my Little Buddha experience. It was hot, filling, flavourful, and brought me great comfort when I needed it. And according to my fortune cookie, too, things are going to get better soon. Fingers crossed.

Rating: Three out of five

Price: £21.50 for two curries, chips, rice, chicken and sweetcorn soup and wings

Delivery time: Collected