A LUXURY bistro has made 12 workers redundant using a controversial points based system, a leading union claims.

Unite the union has slammed Buchanan Street’s The Ivy for terminating staff instead of placing them on the UK Government’s furlough scheme which they would be able to use until March 31 2021.

An employee at The Ivy, who has asked not to be named, said: “This is the second time I’ve been let go by The Ivy. This time they have based redundancies on a points based system that looked at our attendance, timekeeping, disciplinaries and performance. They told us they were not doing furlough because it wasn’t financially viable.

“I’m a student so hospitality is ideal for me because I’m only really free in evenings or weekends.

“It’ll be a real struggle to get a job elsewhere. If I do get a job, I won’t be able to get on the job retention scheme if I got a job elsewhere because I started after October 30.”

He also raised concerns about the financial impact losing his job will have on him.

He added: “I only get a £100 a month student bursary. I’m not entitled to any benefits or anything so how am I supposed to live on £25 a week?”

Another worker, who has been with The Ivy since it opened last July has also been let go and is also concerned about the effect this will have on her income.

She said: “This is my only income. Throughout the first lockdown period I had to borrow money from friends to pay my rent.

“I’m an EU citizen so I am worried about my job prospects because all the vacancies I see are for British citizens only.

“I’m not looking to get my job back but if I go for another job, I won’t be able to be put on furlough if there is another lockdown.”

Unite’s Bryan Simpson said: “As one of the poshest restaurants in Glasgow, The Ivy had every opportunity to furlough their workers till March next year.

“Instead they chose to make them redundant in a deeply flawed selection process.

“We shall be doing everything in our power legally and industrially to get justice for our members.”

A spokeswoman for The Ivy Collection said: “This is a very difficult time for the sector as a whole.

“Currently we are utilising the furlough scheme.

“Due to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions affecting the hospitality sector we must look at business efficiencies.

“Those who are affected will remain on furlough until their termination date and then receive their agreed full notice pay.

“This is not a decision we have taken lightly and we are doing everything we can to move forward and retain as many employees as possible.”