A singer has been left scarred in her own home after a break-in which she claims police told her was not worth investigating. 

Stephanie Cheape, 25, revealed she plans to move from her Lanarkshire home after police "minimised" an attempted break-in, the Daily Record reports. 

Thugs attempted to break in through her bedroom window and watched her phone the police. 

The 25-year-old claims she phoned police four times in 50 minutes and she has now lodged an official complaint with Police Scotland

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She claims she was told by officers the incident wasn't serious enough to investigate further. 

She told the Daily Record: “It was like something out of a horror film. I was stringing my guitars when I heard banging. I saw two guys in their 20s trying to break the latch on my bedroom window.

“They were startled but they were hell-bent on getting in, even though they knew I was there and could see me calling the police."

She took to Twitter after the incident and said: "Last night a man tried to break into my house and I caught them redhanded. I called 999 as the man attempted to get in knowing I was inside. It took 50 minutes for @policescotland to respond.

"The officers minimised the situation and did nothing to help me despite calling for help."

She added that the officers had the "worst" attitude. 

"When I asked why they had taken so long, he told me I’d given the wrong postcode, which wasn’t the case.

“I then asked why he didn’t call and ask me for directions.

“He said, ‘Kids are always trying to rile up people at the weekend.’

“The officer didn’t seem to have empathy or respect for my situation and was trying to play it down.”

Police Scotland confirmed a complaint was received.