The ‘unders’ clubs of the early 2000’s allowed teenagers to play adult for the night and gave them a warm place to party that wasn’t a dingy park or overgrown forest.

However, the downfall of the unders' clubs was foreseeable due to a sea of underage clubbers running around Glasgow armed with energy drinks and no parental guidance.

You probably had your own tribe. There were the ‘alternative’ kids who sprawled themselves out among the GOMA stairs - pretending to skateboard and knocking back Monster energy drinks.

Or maybe you favoured a slightly trendier crowd, showcasing your Claire’s belly button piercing and blasting cheesy club hits on the X3 bus into the city centre.

Either way, every tribe has its spot. A place to socialise with your peers and these clubs hold a special place in most millennials' hearts.

Here are some of our favourites:

The Cathouse

Glasgow Times:

For the fellow ‘goths’ and ‘emo’ kids of Glasgow, Cathouse’s Voodoo was the only club you’d be caught dead in. It had two floors - first floor for the real edgy souls, playing the likes of Rammstein and Metallica and then you had the second floor upstairs, reserved for those who enjoyed the lighter side of goth life.

From circle pits, moshing and flirting with flippy haired boys in the ‘Smoker’s Cage’, it really was the peak of subculture.

Juicy Lips - Trash

An explicit name for a club that holds teenagers, and probably not likely to hold up in 2020.

Trash was located in the basement of the former Elgin Place Congregational Church which was home to The Shack in the city centre.

As the name suggests, it hosted club bangers and cheesy throwback classics.

Unfortunately, it is no longer around after a tragic fire accident in 2014, The Shack is fondly remembered by those who experienced the magic of their iconic cheesy pop songs and cheap drinks.

Glasgow Times:


Arguably the classiest place on the list - Archaos hosted footballers, and well dressed girls.

The club hosted a variety of well-known DJ’s spread out among the three-level bars , and was home to the infamous ‘shag tag’ night.

Although this event didn’t sit with concerned parents or the police, it only helped Archaos solidify itself as one of Glasgow’s best nightclubs.

Where was your favourite 'unders' nightclub? Let us know in comments!