AN adviser leaves his job? Big deal. When are the people of this country going to wake up? By voting for the four parties of the establishment there will never be change.

The working class are the majority yet in the universities they are the minority and in Scotland only around 15% of the students are coming from poorer backgrounds.

Poverty is caused by unemployment. We need a UK Government and a Scottish Government who make rebuilding our industry a priority. In Europe they have had electrified railways for more than a hundred years. We need to renationalise the whole rail system and make it a service.

When I was a boy they said nuclear power would be so readily available and so cheap they would not have to meter it. All lies. Thatcherism is the god of greed. No work should go abroad. Stop teaching hobby degrees that thousands do. History I read, but reading welding and doing it earned me a living. Skilled men should start teaching skills at the secondary schools – metal work, wood work and techie drawing. Then restart the apprenticeships with one day a week at the college. Public school boys, how many go into engineering and the sciences or into medicine? Surgeons need a good pair of hands like a skilled tradesman. As the late Anthony Benn said of them, they are taught to be con men.

Since Mrs Thatcher we have had one government after another that only looked after the privileged few. They thought dealing in stocks and shares was the best option for them. The whole rotten structure collapsed under Brown and we are paying for it to be rebuilt. What needs rebuilding is our industry in towns that the politicians have left to rot along with the people. What kind of nationalist would allow the steel work on our wind farm to go abroad when we have yards all over Scotland lying empty? We thought by voting for nationalists they would look after us – how wrong we were.

John G Phimister

Via email

TO correspondent H Mckean on his remarks about the mythical statement of “once in a lifetime” in the 2016 referendum (Letters, November 14). No matter how often Unionists quote this it will not make it factual. No such statements exist in the agreements drawn up for the referendum. At the end of the day, the Scottish people will determine whether we have another referendum, not the English Parliament.