Nicola Sturgeon said that Glasgow could be put into level four lockdown this week so that restrictions can be eased next month for Christmas.

The announcement is due tomorrow with Glasgow and Lanarkshire expected to be moved into the highest level of lockdown.

The First Minister specifically mentioned Glasgow and Lanarkshire when outiling two considerations for increasing the restrictions.

She said there was concern that current restrictions were not reducing the level of coronavirus quickly enough as we head into winter.

The First Minister said that cases were stable but at a stubbornly high level and that was a cause for concern.

Ms Sturgeon said: "We don't have enough assurance that our hospital and intensive care services can cope as we go deeper into winter.

"Stubbornly high prevalence means we have less flexibility to introduce limited easing over Christmas.

"Moving to level four would help us address those concerns."

Ms Sturgeon also said that with a vaccine on the horizon there was a need to protect as many people as possible.

She said: "Every time we stop someone becoming infected, we give them the chance of living into the era when better treatment and a vaccine will be available."

Ms Sturgeon said this was especially true in Lanarkshire and Glasgow.

She said: "The areas that give us most concern would be within the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health board, with the possible execption of Inverclyde, and North and South Lanarkshire."

There were 717 new positive cases reported. Ms Sturgeon said this was lower than expected, even for a weekend, and the government was looking for other possible reasons.

Of the total number, 220 of the new positive cases were in Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board area.

There were 1227 people in hospital, down 14 from the day before, and there were 98 people in intensive care, down 2.

There were six more deaths registered and the First Minister said the numbers announced on Mondays and Tuesdays can be artificially low.