STAFF at a Glasgow restaurant have hit out at internet trolls for "spreading rumours to tarnish" the venue's name.

Bosses from Manjaros, based at the Quay, have told of their heartbreak after being forced to turn people away in recent weeks. 

Responding to an online post which accused the restaurant of "celebrating" refusing to serve customers without a mask, they asked people to "think about what they are saying". 

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The troll's comment was in itself a response to an impassioned plea from Manjaros less than 24 hours earlier begging punters to stop abusing staff. 

Writing on social media this afternoon, staff said: "After yesterday’s post about asking customers to be more understanding towards our staff, I’d like to share with you just some of the hate we have been receiving from people.

"People who have not even taken the time to read our post and deciding to make comments and spread further rumours to tarnish our name.

"From the whole post yesterday, this is what one individual (who’s name we have blurred out) has taken from the situation.

"If they had read our post it clearly states if you have an exemption you are welcome at our restaurant, and we will not deny you entry.

Glasgow Times: Manjaros, in the Quay Manjaros, in the Quay

"How on earth we are 'celebrating' refusing service is beyond us. It breaks our hearts to turn people away. Our customers are only thing keeping our business afloat, but it’s becoming ever harder to do just that when there is such viciousness circulating.

"Times are tough, but we must move forward. Please think about what you are saying before you say them. And please read the original post before you decide to throw accusations. It’s very draining for all of us." 

At present, customers have to wear a face covering when entering and moving around a restaurant. However, Manjaros released a statement yesterday saying some were refusing to comply and were even being abusive towards staff. 

Owners wrote: "Over the past few weeks we have encountered some very rude and abusive customers coming into the restaurant, shouting, screaming and swearing at our hard working staff...because we are unable to accommodate for them at the time.

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"Please could we ask everyone to be more understanding to the current pandemic and the effects it has on businesses, especially hospitality right now.

"If we are busy in the restaurant and a member of staff informs you that there are no spaces available at the current time, please understand they are saying this for a reason - not just to deny you access."