Glasgow City Council said it will start to block accounts from its social media channels that are spreading false information on the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown rules and on the legitimacy of vaccines.

The council said it has had a number of comments challenging the legitimacy of the pandemic, including false information about deaths, and the proven effectiveness of the COVID response.

Its facebook reaches almost 2.5m people and has the same views on twitter leading to officials to conclude that if misinformation it is not challenged it could cause damage.

The council expects that once the roll out of vaccines begins it will also see people stating untruths about the efficacy or risks of vaccination.

It highlighted a number of responses it has had on its social media as examples that it considers damaging and which will be blocked.

It included posts stating “covid-19  is a scam” “The cure is worse than the virus” and “Lockdowns don’t work”.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “Social media is a key part of the Council’s communications and marketing activity, and we have a responsibility to challenge misinformation, and not allow false claims or information to undermine any emergency response.  

“We need to create a quick process that is not resource intensive, but gives the Digital Team authority to block accounts and/or hide comments of this nature to protect both public health, and the danger false information poses to society.”