LOVE blossomed across a crowded ice rink for east end couple Margaret and Tommy Stewart.

Our recent feature on the Crossmyloof skating and curling rink, a much loved spot until it closed in 1986, sparked a collection of happy memories for Margaret.

“I went to Crossmyloof to skate as a teenager in the 60s and that’s where I met my husband - we have been married for 53 years,” she told us.

Glasgow Times:

“We used to go every Tuesday and Friday night and just loved skating round to the great records that were played at the time - one of my favourites was Rambling Rose by Nat King Cole.”

Margaret laughs that she was ‘never a great skater’.

She explains: “I used to borrow my sister-in-law’s ice skates, which were way too big for me, so I had to wear extra pairs of socks to fill them up.

“During the evening, couples used to go up to the back seats for a little canoodling (one of the highlights of the night).

“I have only recently found out that my friend’s mum was the lady who played the records there at that time - it’s a small world.”

She adds: “Those were great times and I have very fond memories of them.”

Glasgow Times:

*Did you curl or skate at Crossmyloof? What did you love about it - and what do you miss most?

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