Earliest memory of Glasgow? Being taken into town at Christmas time, to see the Lewis’s festive window display. My mum would buy us broken biscuits from the food hall and I remember liking the orange and chocolate ones the best. It was a real treat.

Describe your house: It was a wee flat up the stairs, not far from the People’s Palace. There were four of us – my mum and dad and me and my wee brother, Jimmy. Jimmy and I shared a bed and I remember one year he broke his arm when he fell of his bike, and I was kept awake all night with him bashing me with his stookie every time he turned over.

Favourite local cinema: The Olympia in Bridgeton, no question. I remember queuing to get in to see my favourite stars, Paul Newman, John Wayne, Richard Todd. The Hollywood heart-throbs – we all dreamed of meeting them one day and being their sweethearts. Now I go there to the library and the café.

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Favourite local shop: There were great local shops at the Cross and all the way up London Road. You had everything you needed, you didn’t have to go into town. It felt like a big trip to the city centre when you were wee.

Where did you go dancing? I was never much of a dancer, I preferred the cinema and the shops. I loved the ice skating too – we used to get the bus to Crossmyloof. That’s where we went to meet the boys.

Happiest memory of Glasgow? Sitting in the cinema, eyes on the big screen, getting lost in the movies on a Saturday morning.

Best thing about growing up in Glasgow? Community. It’s changed a lot, but the city has never lost it.

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