IT'S been quite the day for Glasgow after the city was hit with level four restrictions due to "stubbornly high" rates of coronavirus

Nicola Sturgeon confirmed the move earlier which will see limitations close to a full lockdown placed on 11 councils areas in Scotland

This will mean for Glasgow - as well as neighbouring North and South Lanarkshire - pubs, restaurants, gyms, and all non-essential shops will be closed from 6pm on Friday. 

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The restrictions will be in place for three weeks and will also see the closure of libraries and museums. 

It's the news Glasgow had been dreading but Ms Sturgeon was clear the step was necessary in a bid to save Christmas. 

What does the city think of the move? We asked our readers what they were most concerned about and they had plenty to say... 

Unsurprisingly, schools were high on the agenda and the education hubs will remain open in level four. 

Derek Allan said: "The continued denial of how the virus IS TRANSMITTING in schools at an alarming rate." 

Pauline McCarrall said: "The schools being kept open as normal." 

Nick Singer wrote: "Until you close the schools nothing will change." 

Christine Graham wrote: "It won’t work while kids are at school or a curfew for the teenagers at night." 

The effects of lockdown on people's mental health was also a topic of debate. 

Kirstin Watson said: "People’s livelihoods and if we’ll ever recover from this mess. It’s tragic.

"Definition of madness to keep repeating lockdowns that are inconsistent and have proven not to work." 

Sharon Mcallister wrote: "More people losing their jobs and homes cos they can't work." 

Peter Stubbles wrote: "The most vulnerable facing the same risk of infection as the least vulnerable due to the absence of shielding. Damage to the general health, mental health and well-being of everyone. Damage to our livelihoods." 

Glasgow Times: Nicola Sturgeon confirmed the move today Nicola Sturgeon confirmed the move today

Karen Morrison said: "Not worried if it helps but most folk in East Dunbartonshire work in Glasgow city or North Lanarkshire and kids come to some of the schools from Glasgow, feel like we will be in lockdown for ever." 

Noreen Currie wrote: "That there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Even if we get Covid under control we have an economic and mental health ticking time bomb." 

Steven O'Connor added: "People will still go into other peoples homes, house parties will still happen and with schools still open, the virus will still spread." 

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However, others were more positive about the change and asked others to follow the rules to keep us all safe. 

Lee Phillips wrote: "People still not doing what they can to stop it. People not wearing masks because "why should I?". People still having parties and gatherings.

"I hate Lockdown but I hate the attitude of the tin foil hat brigade even more.

"Instead of slagging off or defying the actions, do something positive about it."