THE number of pupils missing school due to Covid-19 reasons has reached a record high in Glasgow. 

Nearly 5000 youngsters had an absence linked to the virus in the most recent figures with hundreds of staff also forced into quarantine. 

Schools are set to remain open in Glasgow despite the city being placed into level four restrictions as of Friday. 


We've broken down the latest Scottish Government statistics by postcode to show you the level of absences in your area linked to the virus. 

Some of the worst impacted spots in the city’s latest figures (by number of pupils) include G53 and G31. 

Those hit by lower numbers of absences include G71 and G64. However, the latter is among the highest by percentage. There is no breakdown by school.

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “Being in school is in the best interests of children and our priority remains to ensure schools are safe, open and welcoming.

“That is why we have put in place robust measures - developed with input from our Education Recovery Group, which includes union representatives - to help us to protect our school community.

“Only 1.2% of total absences are due to pupils who had a Covid-19 related sickness. This represents about 0.1% of all pupils. The rise in overall COVID-related absences has been very substantially driven by pupils who are isolating, which demonstrates that caution is being applied where we know there are enhanced risks of transmission.

“There is no current direct evidence that transmission within schools plays a significant contributory role in driving increased rates of infection among children. Recent ONS data also show no difference between the positivity rates of teachers and other school staff, relative to other worker groups of a similar age.  

“We are keeping the way guidance is being implemented in schools under close review, along with emerging scientific evidence, and the Health and Safety Executive provided very positive feedback on the way schools are implementing that guidance. Where there is a need to take further action, either by updating our guidance or ensuring it is being given practical effect, we will work with teachers, parents, trades unions, local authorities and young people’s representatives to do so.

“We also recently announced more than 1,250 new teachers and 155 support staff have already been recruited as a result of £80 million of support announced in the summer”

You can read our full report into school absences here.