From a young age I dreamed of playing for Scotland on the international stage.

I would often wake in the night with a fever, and the sky was the darkest blue.

A still, small voice, was calling, to me…

My country did not need me. In fact, it was the local fish fryer down the road luring me in with the crisp smell of battered sausage and fresh salted chips.

But I had a plan. I remember sitting in the back of my mum’s car writing a timeline of my life –all the way to making my international debut at the age of 22.

Glasgow Times: I've always dreamed of playing in the EurosI've always dreamed of playing in the Euros

The reality is the closest I am to making it to the Euros is my footballer namesake, Jack Aitchison of Celtic fame now on loan with Stevenage.

I’ve only got myself to blame – I love a sneaky chippy.

And as Scotland gradually wakes from its hangover after David Marshall’s penalty save, there was only one choice for my review.

Bless my girlfriend, Aleena. “Another chippy?” she proclaimed. “You’ll regret that later”.

As always, she was right.

My order was placed with Simeone’s on Byres Road at 5.04pm and arrived 30 minutes earlier than predicted at 5.32pm.

I knew this place was fancy from the moment I saw the bag – their own branded carrier.

Glasgow Times: Their own branded bag - fancy or what?Their own branded bag - fancy or what?

I almost lost my jaw when I saw the size of the box – much larger than your usual takeaway container. I know size doesn’t matter, but I’d be lying if I said I was worried I couldn’t handle it.

My order? A chicken goujon supper and a bottle of coke. But my motto is you don’t know a chippy unless you’ve tried their sausage – so I threw in a single for good measure.

The verdict? It wasn’t as good as I hoped.

The chips were great in fairness – well seasoned, and a solid mix of crispy and soft. No danger there.

Glasgow Times: My order - a chicken goujon supper with a single sausageMy order - a chicken goujon supper with a single sausage

The sausage immediately brought me back to my childhood. A solid crunch with a flavoursome interior.

But it was the chicken – the pièce de resistance of my order – that let me down. I felt thirsty after the first bite and my stomach immediately was giving it the Baccara – oh yes sir, it could boogie.

I was left feeling deflated and lifeless on my couch – my only fear now is that is a metaphor for things to come this summer.

Would I go again? Yes. Because I’m weak and a chippy is my calling. But I’d steer clear of the chicken.