Weekend police patrols have been stepped in North Glasgow as drunken vandals have repeatedly trashed the playground of a primary school.

Police Scotland have been called to Cadder Primary a number of times in recent weeks as the louts have uprooted outdoor plants, scrawled graffiti across the playground and left behind smashed bottles of Buckfast. 

The Glasgow Times understands the group has been gathering in the school’s outdoor classroom after hours on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

Glasgow Times:

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Headteacher, Mairi Baker, has described the anti-social acts as "unacceptable" as the Cadder community has rallied around the school to provide support.

She said: "Each time it happens, there is evidence that the group is growing. The concern now is that the group gathering is getting bigger.

“We have an outdoor classroom and unfortunately it has been vandalised a number of times. The classroom is a very big focal-point of our playground and the children use it very regularly.

Glasgow Times:

“They have been disappointed that graffiti has appeared on it. It is also quite a new outdoor classroom, so the children are rightfully very disappointed.

“The infant playground has also had a number of areas destroyed at that is having an affect on how we are delivering outdoor learning to our classes because it is spoiling their environment.

“What we are doing now is taking things from the playground indoors before and after the weekend so that we are preserving these facilities for the children. That is then giving staff something else to do on top of their workload on a Friday afternoon and a Monday morning."

Local representatives and agencies have been working alongside the primary school to bring youth workers into the area.

Glasgow Times:

Ms Baker added: “We know that times right now are very difficult, however for the children’s safety and for the community aspect it is unacceptable this is happening on the grounds of a primary school.

“Ultimately, we want to engage with this group and that is why we have gone down the route of seeking youth workers because maybe we can divert anti-social behavior positively.

“We know there is no community centre open at the moment and we know there is a limit on what we can do, but using a primary school playground is not acceptable. I’m very worried about the vulnerability about the group who are involved because the level of alcohol that is being consumed is not healthy."

Glasgow Times:

The school is now appealing its neighbours and the local community to report on any suspicious activity in the playground outside of school hours.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "Inquiries are continuing following reports of anti-social behavior on the school grounds of Cadder Primary School during outwith hours. 

"Additional patrols have been stepped up within the area at the weekend."