Nicola Sturgeon said she hopes to share a plan for people to meet family over Christmas next week.

The First Minister was asked by Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, about talks with other UK leaders about a plan for Christmas.

Ms Sturgeon said: “I took part yesterday in four nations discussions. We discussed the Christmas period and how we could come to a sensible, and I stress sensible, and safe plan to allow some normality at Christmas.

“We charged our officials to put together a concrete proposal that we could consider in the next few days and we hope to share it over the course next week.

“We are determined to strike the right balance between the understandable desire to see family but in a way that doesn’t lead to increased loss of life of impact on health.”

Ms Sturgeon said any relaxation over Christmas would inevitably see a rise in transmission of the virus and any mitigating measures that are needed in January would also be laid out.

The placing of Glasgow and ten other areas into level four lockdown is due to be lifted on December 11.

A new level of restrictions will then be applied under the five-tier system.

The First Minister announced the latest daily update on coronavirus.

There were 50 new deaths registered of patients who tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 28 days.

A total of 1089 new positive cases were recorded.

A total of 1212 people were in hospital, 29 down and there were 85 in ICU, 3 fewer than the day before.

She said it is expected the R number will be slightly below 1, which Ms Sturgeon said indicates current tough measures have had an effect.

Ms Sturgeon said however, it masks regional variations, and in those areas with highest numbers of the virus, it is higher. Which is why the level four lockdown was imposed.