Glasgow will enter level four of Scotland's five-tier coronavirus restrictions system today. 

The toughening of restraints will resemble Covid-19 limitations similar to those felt in the nationwide lockdown earlier this year, with non-essential shops, bars, cafes and restaurants to close. 

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said placing local authorities with “stubbornly high” levels of the virus into this level four for a limited period could help to ease some of the rules in time for Christmas. 

The new measures will come into force from 6pm today. An update is expected to be delivered by the First Minister on December 11. 


People cannot meet in each other’s homes, with exceptions for extended households and people providing care.

You can however meet people from one other household outdoors in a group of up to six - with a maximum of two households. 

This rule doesn't apply to children aged under 12.

Those aged between 12 and 17 can meet in groups of up to six outdoors with no household limit. 

Couples who do not live together and people who live alone can both form extended households. However, households must not form with more than one other household.

Shopping and eating out

All non-essential businesses will shut from 6pm. This includes restaurants, cafes, pubs, hairdressers, beauty salons, shops and tattoo studios.

Retail shops selling essential goods will however be able to remain open.

Takeaways can also continue to operate until 10pm. 


Under coronavirus regulation laws, it will become illegal from 6pm today to travel from one council area to another for non-essential purposes. This rule does not apply to those traveling for work or care responsibilities.

It will also be illegal to travel to airports for non-essential purposes. 


All gyms and swimming pools in Glasgow will close from 6pm. 

Outdoor gms will however remain open with household rules in place. 

Other indoor sports facilities and all leisure and entertainment venues are closed.

School and nurseries

Schools and nurseries in Glasgow will remain open under tier four of restrictions. 

Scotland's Education Secretary John Swinney has insisted there is no area of concern for transmission of coronavirus within schools.

Enhanced and targeted protective measures will be put in place.

Places of worship and weddings

Places of worship remain open but with a limit of 20 people and the same for funerals, while there is a maximum of 15 for weddings and civil partnerships – including the couple.

Working from home

Outdoor workplaces, construction, manufacturing, vets and film and TV productions can remain open along with those providing essential services.

All other industries are advised to work from home.

Visitor attractions

Indoor visiting places such as museums and heritage attractions will close. 

Outdoor visitor attractions, such as parks and gardens will remain open.