WHILE parents are right to be worried about the safety of their kids during this pandemic, let’s keep a lid on the hysteria. 

Less than one per cent of pupils across the whole of Scotland have tested positive for Covid, a vindication of the decision to keep schools open. 

Teachers are doing a grand job, working above and beyond their normal roles, to support young people in Glasgow and beyond. 

The damage done to children’s mental health and education by shutting schools is a far bigger problem than the risk of infection spreading in schools.

Eleanor Robertson

ALL we hear is politicians talking about schools staying open, the unions talking about blended learning and teachers complaining about having to come into work.

Aren’t we forgetting some people? The pupils have an opinion too but no one is asking them how they feel about it.

Young people I have spoken to are keen to be in school and learning. 

Some are really upset to hear themselves talked about as virus carriers who might make the adults in their lives sick.

Let’s be mindful of young people too.

Karen Smith

IT has shocked – no, angered – me to find there will be no Christmas lights display in Airdrie this year

We have had to deal with a lot in our wee town but this feels like the last straw. 

Why, in a year like this, has the council not guaranteed some sort of joy for us all? How much would it really cost to have a few lights in the town centre? 

Glasgow Times: North Lanarkshire Council leader Jim Logue North Lanarkshire Council leader Jim Logue

We’re used to Coatbridge and Motherwell getting all the money and we know times are tough, but this has made a bad year even worse. 

Maxwell Shaw 
Via email

IT is dreadful to see the obscene graffiti left on those people’s homes in Ruchill.

Self-styled vigilantes ought to pack it in and let the police deal with sex offenders. 

Taking matters into their own hands only harms innocent people and can make trials against actual predators collapse. 

Hugh Littleton
Aboukir Street 

SINCE this pandemic began all the media and politicians have gone on about how this is affecting teachers, no one else.

Do you not realise that there are cleaners, support staff, clerical staff, dining hall staff and janitors all work in a school not just teachers.

I hope all staff remember that as of Monday there is a travel ban, you cannot travel from one council area to another, not even for work.

Can the First Minister explain where she got her school Covid statistics as my local school is now in double figures for staff testing positive for Covid, I know it is a computer error.

Via email

WITH regards a future ban on petrol cars, it’s a good idea but there are a few big problems with this idea. 

Firstly, people can’t afford electric cars. Secondly people need bigger cars but they don’t make people carriers  and lastly, whose stupid idea to only give us only nine years to sort this out. 

Robert Cadden
Via email

THIS strategy by politicians of tightening the restrictions to battle the Coronavirus in order that we can all have a jolly Christmas is ludicrous.

It reminds me of the First World War when a number of British and German troops held a one day Christmas truce, then slaughtered each other the next day.

The difference this time is, the coronavirus hasn’t been consulted about a cease fire.
Let’s all ask Santa Claus for a vaccine before Christmas.

Daniel Harris
Via email

IT amazes me the way that some business people jump up and down about restrictions imposed to bring the virus under control. 

What exactly do they want to happen? Do they advocate no restrictions and allow the virus to rip through the community? 

Their constant negativity makes you wonder if their businesses actually deserve any kind of support.