ALMOST half of people in Scotland have run out of money before payday since the lockdown, new research has revealed.

Polling for Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) found that 30% of Scots also saw their finances worsen after coronavirus restrictions were introduced.

The data shows that the pandemic has caused “a period of huge economic uncertainty for people across the country,” according to CAS’s financial health spokesman Myles Fitt.

The financial help service has launched a new Money Map tool which is a website designed to help people manage their expenses and improve their incomes.

Mr Fitt said: “The tool is for anyone and everyone impacted financially by the virus and it covers a whole range of opportunities to increase income, cut costs and get in control of personal and household finances.”

But he made clear CAS was not criticising the government’s restrictions, which were “essential to defeat the virus”.

He claimed the numbers would be worse without policy interventions.