A BOGUS police officer who confronted two young boys and later claimed it was a prank for YouTube walked free from court on Friday.

Mark Conway stopped the 13-year-olds outside an ice cream shop in Glasgow’s Govan last June.

The 33-year-old bizarrely flashed his driving licence at the pair before asking them to go round a corner.

Conway was then confronted by a passer-by and later claimed it was a practical joke for social media.

Conway, of the city’s Craigton, was found guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court of impersonating a police officer and asking to search the boys.

He was put under supervision for six months by Sheriff Stuart Reid who was earlier told by Conway’s lawyer that he is taking steps to address his issues.

A previous hearing was told the boys were eating ice cream outside Kandy Krunch when they were met by Conway wearing a sleeveless black jacket.

One boy said in evidence: “He came across the road saying he was the police and he was holding his driving licence out with his wallet.

“He said he was the police but he wasn’t.

“He told us to go round to corner but we didn’t and grabbed out bikes, then a man came and helped us.”

Conway was pulled up by Stephen Strang who had watched the events unfold from his car.

He said: “When I got there, I challenged him and he told me to f*** off. He was aggressive about being challenged.

“He was saying it was a prank and I said you can tell the police it was a prank.

“He said something about Facebook prank... it was either Facebook or Youtube.”

Mr Strang called 999 but Conway fled the scene and was initially unable to be found.

Jamie McNair, defending, said: “He is taking steps to sort his issues and would benefit from a community order.

“He has only one road traffic act matter on his record.”