FOLLOWING the failure of the Scottish Government to implement a lockdown as advised by SAGE several weeks ago I was not surprised that areas with continuing high levels of coronavirus are now subject to new restrictions.

I was dismayed when Nicola Sturgeon partly justified this action by arguing that if restrictions are to be lifted at Christmas more capacity in our hospitals would be needed to handle the inevitable increase in positive cases that this relaxation will produce.

Relaxing Level Four restrictions on December 11 will mean packed high streets in the run up to Christmas. 

Add to this a more relaxed regime over Christmas and the result will be a new spike in the death rate in the New Year.

Ms Sturgeon, are these unnecessary deaths worth it just so you can visit your mum at Christmas?

John Connelly

I’D like to say a big thank you to all the wonderful Glasgow library staff who helped make the last few months more endurable by allowing the public access to information, the internet and books.

All the employees I interacted with were friendly, courteous and cheerful and I’m sure many people who accessed the service appreciated their efforts during this difficult time. 

Stephen McCarthy 
Via email

WHY have the SNP persisted in pursuing their blatantly flawed policies driving Scotland to bankruptcy. 

Who is going to pay the benefit bill in Scotland caused by their policies when nobody is working and they get independence.

Let me guess the non existent  oil revenue or exporting wind farm power to England.

The morons who believe getting independence will allow re-entry to the EU are in for a reality check when the EU say “are you serious, not a chance”.

Glasgow Times: FM Nicola Sturgeon FM Nicola Sturgeon

Twelve surveys have alleged Scots want independence, if you ask the same people you get the same answer.

It’s time this group of money grabbing egotistical brain dead morons got a real job and stopped bleeding the Scottish taxpayer.

Via email

THE new measures mean no gym visits, which is basically the only time I got out the flat with working from home. 

Three weeks of basically no fresh air, exercise (not going into a dark park after work to walk) or seeing anyone (live myself after flatmate moved out) for next three weeks. 

I suppose I can’t really complain, I still have a job, which is handy since I’m now paying double rent.

Jamie McEwan
Via Facebook

THE big boys all allowed to stay open but most of the small independent businesses forced to shut down again just like March. 

This will be the last straw for many who will be unable to survive.

Ian Mckechnie 
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IT’S not much different for us ... working from home as usual. We’re not allowed to visit families which we weren’t allowed anyway.

Husband can’t get a pint in pub, so didn’t bother going.

Only change now is that we can’t shop in the actual shops for Christmas presents, but apart from that we are lucky our jobs are safe and there’s no major changes. 

Everyone should be following these rules anyway.

Gillian McMillan 
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