THE Conservative co-leader of East Dunbartonshire council has begged the government to lift "devastating" restrictions. 

Andrew Polson, who represents Bearsden, made the plea in a video posted to social media last night. 

The joint council leader claimed that the rate of coronavirus infections was falling in the affluent suburban council area and argued restrictions were harming businesses and his constituents' mental health. 

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He said: "Under current level three restrictions, East Dunbartonshire residents were doing the right thing, and cases were coming down 9% week on week.

"I was also actually told by John Swinney, that they were confident by Christmas day cases would be down to 150 per 100,000.

"Since that meeting, East Dunbartonshire has come down 30% in one week to 157 per 100000, very close to the level the Deputy First Minister said would be by Christmas, and that was before level four restrictions had even started.”

East Dunbarton, along with 10 other local authorities, including Glasgow and its neighbours, were thrust into level four restrictions from 6pm on Friday. 

The toughest level of the Scottish government's tiered approach requires non-essential shops, bars and restaurants to close. 

Mr Polson added: "These knee-jerk reactions are resulting in actions that are not only irresponsible but are having such a devastating effect. The government is stumbling from decision to decision on lockdown, which is having a crippling impact on businesses and people’s lives” 

“I am calling on the First Minister to have a rethink and lift these restrictions immediately. We must take all four harms of the Strategic Framework on board.

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"I say to Nicola Sturgeon, don’t just save Christmas, save businesses from closing, save people’s jobs and livelihoods and I urge you to please protect the mental health and well-being of thousands across west-central Scotland.” 

The restrictions are due to be reviewed on December 11. 

Speaking in parliament today, while the First Minister acknowledged the difficulties of living with increased restrictions she made no indication that rules would be relaxed until the government was satisfied levels had fallen sufficiently for this to be safe.