THANK you so much for taking an interest in my story Glasgow Times (Cancer man in dying wish to help raise money for hero medics, Monday).

Every like, share, donation or anything you can do to help get the word out would help us become a step closer to a cure one day. Much love to you all.

Dove White

Via Facebook

OUR readers reacted to inspiring Dove White’s comments on Facebook and our story in yesterday’s Glasgow Times. Here’s a selection of them:

SO, so sad and you’re a really caring man. Bless you.

Janette Todd

SO sad much love to this amazing man and his family.️

Lisa Courtney

SUCH an amazing gesture Dove White.

Angela Reid

Big hugs Dove White. You’re an awesome man.

Angie Sivagnanasundaram

I’M a bit concerned about how in the past couple weeks they have come up with a few vaccines (Oxford vaccine ‘will save lives’ makers say after tests show 70% effectiveness, Glasgow Times online).

They’ve done it in months, where it’s been taking years to make others. And some they still don’t have a cure for.

I will see how it works before I take one, just my opinion.

Bobbie Carmichael

Via Facebook

I WAS moved by the tributes to former England and Liverpool goalkeeper Ray Clemence (right) in recent days.

He really was a gentleman and superb goalkeeper.

He always came across so well when he spoke on television or radio during interviews.

Calvin Miller


WELL done to the Glasgow Times for its new toy bank drive.

No child should wake up to no presents on Christmas Day due to poverty.

I hope the campaign is a success and anyone that can help will donate toys.



I STILL can’t believe the amount of families who persist in going into supermarkets without masks. Are they just thick?

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