A SHOPKEEPER was amazed by a pensioners’ generosity after she donated £100 for people’s gas and electricity bills.

Manoj Bhardwaj - who part-owns the Londis in Parkhouse - said he was “really humbled” when the woman, who he guessed to be in her 70s, came into the shop last week and handed him over the huge sum.

Glasgow Times:

He was so moved that he and his co-owner brother Rajan put in £200 to the pot, which can be used to get money off people’s energy top-ups.

But the part-owner of the Crowhill Street convenience shop does not want credit for the move and thinks the woman - who did not give him her name - should be given some recognition even if she wished to remain anonymous.

Glasgow Times:

The 51-year-old said: “She came in on Thursday and handed over the money. She said she said she didn’t want any recognition and I asked: ‘Are you sure you don’t want credit for this?’ And she said she didn’t.

“She came out of the blue and said she would come back again. It got me thinking, we should probably do something too.

Glasgow Times:

“Obviously we want to make sure that it goes to elderly people and people who really need it.”

The pot hasn’t been opened up for donations from other shoppers but already some customers have been given ten pounds off of their energy bills if they want it.

“The way it works is that someone will come in and ask for a tenner on their card and we will ask if they’d like to make it 20 and then we can take the extra ten from the pot,” explained Mr Bhardwaj.

Mr Bhardwaj added: “We should do something like that again in this area, especially at this time of year.

Glasgow Times:

“We will see how it goes and maybe do it again in a month’s time.

“It’s fantastic how generous people can be.”

Alex O’Kane, who runs No1Seems2Care, a local community group based in Milton, was alerted to the extraordinary act of generosity.

He said: “This type of kindness and generosity helps to motivate and inspire us.

“A big thank you to this local lady and well done Manoj.”