RESIDENTS in Rutherglen have shared photos of the town's Christmas lights which read: "Welcome to Putherglen". 

Over the weekend, the decorations on Main Street appeared to be broken - but have since been fixed. 

However, it is believed that the same problem has occured in previous years. 

In a post on Facebook, councillor Janine Calikes, said she was grateful to the council staff who fixed the problem.

She wrote: "I have been contacted by constituents this week who were disappointed to see a photograph circulating on social media which appeared to show damage to Rutherglen's festive lighting.

"I can confirm that the 'Welcome to Rutherglen' festive sign at the east end of Main Street did have a damaged piece of ropelight lighting at the 'R' which was repaired by the council's hardworking lighting team and will be double checked again before the lights are formally switched on (soon).

"We all need a bit of cheer in these times so I can completely understand why folk were disappointed and I am grateful to the council staff who have fixed the problem."