IF I had a quid for every time I’d heard “2020 is ending in tiers” in the last week, I’d be on a small fortune by now. Or at least £37.

I personally preferred the Tier Four Fears pun.

However, this Tier Four phase is no laughing matter for any of us.

That’s not me speaking as a taxi driver – it’s me speaking as a citizen of Glasgow, as this affects us all.

We can only hope it has the desired impact and we are able to creep back into Tier Three at least this side of Christmas.

Small win that would be, I know, but any win at the moment is to be welcomed.

Speaking now as a taxi driver, this week so far has had a bit of a back-to-square-one feel about it.

It’s another three weeks to buckle down and just do what is in your power – such as hammering home the fact we continue to offer a safe “True Contactless” service.

Yes, there’s less footfall on the streets and more people working from home, but many still need to move around and a Glasgow Taxi remains the safest public transport option for doing just that.

Separated, sanitised, safe.

It’s not just people we can transport, remember – we can safely move goods around too, if required.

My colleague Billy McLachlan had such a privilege on Saturday, with passengers which would be the envy of many a driver:

  • Passenger 1: 10 pies
  • Passenger 2: Five bovrils
  • Passenger 3: Cartons of cold beer

Billy’s task was to take this tasty trio from Firhill Stadium to Partick Thistle’s main sponsor, as part of the club’s virtual matchday sponsor offering.

The fact Billy drives the Partick Thistle branded taxi was the icing on the cake for the recipient.

Just as well there was no stack of cakes, however.

That really could have ended in tiers! Sorry...

(Is that me up to £38?)

Stay safe.