THE GLASGOW Times Toy Bank Appeal is a chance to bring “magic to the children of the city”, a charity has said.

The Cultivating Mindfulness, which runs Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas campaign, has praised the appeal and urged readers to get involved.

Last year, the charity’s drive helped around 13,500 children across the city receive presents under their tree.

However, this year, they’re expecting to deliver around 20,000 gifts to Glasgow’s most vulnerable little ones and their waiting list is bursting with children hoping to be included.

The charity’s Julie Griffin said: “We can all work together to really help those children.

“This is the opportunity to create a magic bag filled with love. We can work together to bring a major bit of magic for Glasgow.

“It’s so magical to be a part of it, the love and giving to these children who just aren’t expecting it - there’s nothing like it.”

As previously reported, a paper bag will be placed inside each copy of the Glasgow Times from December 4.

The bag is to be filled with toys for the city’s children and delivered to one of our drop off facilities - including the Cultivating Mindfulness hub on Gavinton Street.

The toys must be newly bought due to coronavirus safety measures.

Staff at the charity will be working around the clock until December 22 to ensure everyon receives their gifts in time for Christmas.

Julie said: “This year we have about 80 charity partners and we encourage everyone to give at Christmas.

“Everybody will be donating through a Christmas portal. This is the first time we’ve gone digital, but we realised this gives us the opportunity to fulfil toys for children who would’ve been missed.

“Each year, we would have people who, for whatever reason, couldn’t donate so we would miss about 200 children because, by the time, we got through the paperwork, it would be the eleventh hour.”

She added: “This is live and in real-time so that will never happen again.”

The new online portal allows users to select the age and gender of the child or children they would like to donate to.

There is also the option to suggest which of the charity partners users would like their gift to go to.

Each child listed on the portal is representative of a real little one waiting for a gift this year.

Julie said: “This year is a bit different because some of our charities buildings aren’t available, so we’re distributing some of the gifts, too.

“We’re expecting to deliver gifts to around 20,000 children so it’s a lot, a lot of work, but it’s the best feeling in the world.

“We’re so passionate about it and these children really deserve it.”

She added: “No one should go without a present on Christmas so it’s our job to make sure they get one - and they get the right on, at that.”