TAKEAWAYS are generally Saturday night treat for me but with most of us spending A LOT more time at home, it’s nice to break up the midweek slump with something you haven’t cooked yourself.

JustEat it is then but I wasn’t sure what I fancied. I feel a pang of guilt and look up the healthy options for my postcode area. There is just one place listed (really?) under that category and it isn’t open for take-out or delivery until Friday.

I consider Turkish, it’s not a choice I often go for but can’t seen anything that appeals. So I decide to go for the safe option. Burger and chips. You can’t go wrong with that?

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Well, of course you can. It’s slightly complicated by the fact I’m a pescatarian but does that mean I shouldn’t be able to enjoy a burger? I can reel off at least four eateries in Glasgow that do brilliant veggie and fish versions.

I go for Po Boyz because I’ve never heard of the place and go for the meat-free burger with chips.  It sounds appealing and comes with lettuce tomato onion pickles, po’boyz cajun mayo, and hand cut chips.

My order clicks through at around 7.05pm and the flat buzzer goes at 8pm.  I leap to the door, it’s a while since I’ve eaten and I find meal times are all over the place with home working.

The delivery guy is friendly and courteous and leaves the bag on the ground. I’m going to take this opportunity to say we should be clapping for all the delivery people who have risked their own health through the pandemic to cater for our every clickable whim without much gratitude.

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The first signs are good. The chips are more like wedges and piping hot and taste reasonably healthy too.

Although I’ve managed to misread the menu and end up with two portions.

The burger alas does not live up to its description.

The bun falls apart and I can barely discern any flavour. It’s the blah-est of blah and reminds me of some of the first veggie burgers that were available in budget supermarkets that specialise in frozen food.

The only saving grace is the price (£6.95) but I’m not sure it’s even worth that. I finish it because I’m really hungry but on other days I would have offered it to the cat. I'm willing to accept the meat versions of their burgers might be tastier but don't forget the rest of us.

Hand Cut Chips £3.00
Garlic dip  0.95p
Veggie burger £6.95
Service charge: £0.50p
Delivery: £2.50
Total: 13.90

Rating: **