The US former Secretary of State gave our city a nod yesterday in his speech as the new president-elect envoy for climate.

Referring to next year's climate summit to be held at the Armadillo and SSE Hydro, John Kerry raised a few eyebrows in his attempt to pronounce the name of the biggest (and best) city in Scotland

On Twitter, amused Glaswegians shared how they were looking forward to welcoming Mr Kerry to "Glass-cow". 

Kenny Stewart wrote: "Looking forward to welcoming you to *checks notes* Glaz-cow, Secretary Kerry."

Former MP for Glasgow North Paul Sweeney added: "All good stuff but just as an FYI, Glasgow is pronounced 'Glaz-go' not 'Glass-cow'."

Paul Danahar wrote: "Somehow @JohnKerry just managed to pronounce ‘Glasgow' like it was a city in Siberia."

Meanwhile, multiple Glaswegians quizzed "where's Glass-cow?"

The COP26 climate conference will take place between November 1 and November 2 next year. Two-hundred world leaders are expected to attend the event to discuss the climate crisis.