A PERVERT told two girls he believed were 14-years-old not to tell their parents after sending indecent pictures of himself.

Jyriki Turenius, 52, also boasted about seeing other young girls on a group chat in December last year.

But, Turenius was unaware that he was speaking to a vigilante group posing as the teenager

Turenius pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to sending written communication to someone he believed was a child for sexual gratification, humiliation, stress or alarm.

He also admitted two charges of attempting to send a child a sexual image from his home in the city’s Partick.

The court heard he initially asked a decoy about school work before stating she was his “favourite lady.”

Turenius then wanted to know if she had a boyfriend.

The chat became more sexual with Turenius requesting pictures of her breasts.

The pair then began a group chat with the other female decoy where Turenius agreed they should “get naked.”

Prosecutor Pamela-Jane Connelly said: “The accused stated that nobody needed to know and she [first decoy] should take a picture of her boobs and send it.

“He apologised for asking for such a picture but again asked if she was wearing a bra in the picture which was sent.”

Turenius the sent a picture of “his thing” before stating it would be “their secret.”

Turenius continued the chat with the other decoy in a similar manner.

He then told the pair they “shouldn’t be telling anyone, not even your parents.”

Turenius stated he saw girls their age before sending sick images to the chat.

Miss Connelly added: “He told one of the girls that she could trust him and she was gorgeous.”

Turenius was later confronted by the group at his home where he was arrested.

He stated: “I did something stupid over the weekend and feel stupid. I knew she was under age.”

Turenius was put on the sex offenders register by Sheriff Patricia Pryce pending background reports.

He will be sentenced next month and was granted bail meantime.