GLASGOW Caledonian University is spearheading a study into violent extremism in Europe. 

Funded by £2.7million from the European Commission's Horizon Fund, researchers from 17 countries will analyse the growing threat of terrorism.

The research will be carried out over the next three years, focusing on reintegrating radicalised youth. 

It is led by a team from Glasgow Caledonian University headed by Professor Umut Korkut, Dr Xander Kirke and Dr James Foley.

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Professor Korkut said: "Cultural and political polarisation are facts of life in most countries, and this is driving marginal people, particularly in online forums, to embrace extreme ideologies.

“The roots of this often lie in economic and democratic failures, as well as the psychologies of individuals."

Evidence will be gathered from research teams in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Finland, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Georgia, and Austria over the next three years.