A MAN who was caught with a stun gun disguised as mobile phone was jailed for six years.

Ronald McMahon, 57, from Paisley, admitted having the weapon in his possession at his home in Auchentorlie Quadrant, Paisley on July 1.

Prosecutor Ruth Charteris QC said: “Police went to the accused home with a search warrant in connection with another matter..”

During the search the item which looked like an Apple Iphone, but which in fact was a torch and a stun gun capable of producing a high voltage shock, was found.

A further warrant for firearmswas obtained and the Iphone was seized.

The item was examined by experts and found to be in working order.

At the High Court in Glasgow judge Lady Stacey told McMahon: “Parliament has decided that possession of a disguised stun gun is a serious offence and the minimum sentence for this is five years.

“You have been in the High Court before a long time ago, however, one of the charges was for firearms. You also have convictions for assault in 2016 and assault with a knife in 2018.

“In light of your previous convictions the sentence I impose is one of six years.”

Defence counsel John McElroy said: “The item was brought to his house by someone else.”