A coronavirus outbreak at a Tunnock's factory in Uddingston has seen multiple employees sent home to self-isolate. 

NHS Lanarkshire's Test and Protect teams are currently working to identify close contacts of the employees to have tested positive for the virus.

A concerned source told the Glasgow Times "around 200" workers are currently in self-isolation, however Tunnocks refuted these claims as they confirmed "a number" of positive cases had been identified at the factory. 

Glasgow Times:

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A Tunnock's spokesman said the company is following robust health and safety measures in accordance with the Scottish Government's health advice.

He said: “The Directors of Tunnock's Biscuits decided to temporarily close the factory in March 2020 for 5 weeks as the health and welfare of the workforce was the main priority. During this period a risk assessment was completed and significant measures and procedures were put in place to establish a safe environment for our employees.

"The Company continues to emphasise to the workforce that they must adhere to government guidelines. Lanarkshire has high infection levels and in common with other businesses a number of our employees are off work through testing positive for Covid 19 and others through self-isolating."

The company is currently working alongside NHS Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire Council and trade unions to prevent any further transmission of the virus. 

Glasgow Times:

Dr Martin Donaghy, consultant in public health medicine at NHS Lanarkshire, said:

“A number of positive Covid-19 cases have been identified at Tunnock’s Bakery in Uddingston. NHS Lanarkshire’s Test and Protect team is in the process of identifying all close contacts of the cases who are being given public health advice and being told to self-isolate.

“NHS Lanarkshire is working closely with Tunnock’s Bakery and South Lanarkshire Council and a full risk assessment has been carried out to ensure all the recommended infection prevention and control measures are in place.

“Due to a low level of new cases continuing to occur all staff are being strongly advised to get tested via a mobile testing unit as a precautionary measure to help reduce the spread and transmission of Covid-19.

“To respect and maintain confidentiality it is not possible to release any further information at this time."