A DRIVER has admitted escorting a masked gunman to a house where shots were fired.

Steven McGarry, 33, went with the individual to the home of brothers Scott and Roddy McKenzie’s property in Stepps, North Lanarkshire on December 30 2019.

Two loud bangs were heard by neighbours before the Audi getaway car was spotted racing from the scene.

McGarry pleaded guilty in an art and part basis at the High Court in Glasgow to culpable and reckless conduct at the property while masked and acting with others.

It is stated their actions were to the danger of the occupants.

The court heard the Audi Q3 was stolen from a property in nearby Muirhead in September 2019.

The same car was spotted at the McKenzies’ home in Flynn Gardens three months later.

Scott, 28, had left the property before the incident while Roddy was working abroad.

Prosecutor Lindsey Daziel said: “A witness in her home which overlooked the property heard two loud bangs.

“She observed a white motor vehicle believed to be the Audi driving away at speed.”

An anonymous 999 call was made and officers later attended at the property.

Miss Daziel said: “Police observed what appeared to be two marks on the living room window made by gunshots, one of which had penetrated it.”

Scott returned home and allowed officers into his property to search it.

A ballistic scientist was able to detect firearms residue from the window.

Pellets were also found on the window ledge and the garden.

Miss Daziel added: “The firearm used was a 12 bore barrel shotgun.”

CCTV showed the car pulling up at the property and man wearing a black balaclava exiting the vehicle.

Miss Daziel said: “Shots were fired before the male re-entered the car which was then driven off at speed.”

Officers were initially unable to trace McGarry until an empty flat in the city’s Govan was raided and the Audi keys were recovered.

Firearm discharge residue as well as DNA of McGarry and the gunman were found in the vehicle.

Tony Lenehan, defending, told the court the gunman provided the vehicle to McGarry who had a cocaine habit.

The lawyer said: “The accused drove the former co-accused and now deceased gunman, who later died of a drug overdose.

“McGarry was told someone’s windows were to be put in and the car was to be driven.

“It was at a time in December when there was full darkness and there was apparently no one in the house.”

It was also revealed McGarry had precious conviction for road traffic offences and an assault to severe injury with a knife.

Sentence was deferred until January for background reports by judge Lord Weir who continued McGarry’s remand in custody meantime.