A MAN who lost more than 11-stone in less than a year has told of how his weight transformation has changed his life.

Martin Bryan weighed just over 27st at his heaviest in February 2019 and was down to 15st just 10 months later.

Glasgow Times:

The 31-year-old explained that he went through a “few bad years” ­after he lost his mum to cancer when he was 20 years old.

He was told by his local GP that he might have not been here in 10 years’ time if he didn’t change his lifestyle.

Martin said: “I was just putting on weight, I was really depressed, and anxious. I was eating to feel better but then feeling bad because I put on weight.

“My mum was the world, my best friend in the world. I could phone her for anything and talk to her about anything. She was just so down to earth.

Glasgow Times:

“One night I was going to the toilet and I just blacked out. I went along to my local GP and got my blood tested.

“They told me that for my age my blood sugar level was really high. I decided that I really needed to change my life and start living.

“I was searching online and reached out to the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and met my wonderful consultant Cat.”

Martin, from Old Kilpatrick, explained that when he was heavier, he didn’t want to leave the house and was anxious to get on public transport without thinking people were speaking about him.

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When he got off an aeroplane, he had bruises on his thighs because the seat would cut into his leg.

But now, his life has completely changed.

He said: “During my journey I met my partner and I’m now engaged. I think that’s been because of the weight I’ve lost because I’ve felt more confident to put myself out there.

“The outlook for my future is night and day and I think my mum would be extremely proud of the decision and the progress I’ve made.”

Following his own weight loss journey, Martin decided to become a consultant to help others change their lives.

He praised his own consultant Cat, who pushed him to do his best and was always supporting him.

Glasgow Times:

Martin now works at two shops – one in Clydebank, and the other in Dumbarton – but takes clients from all over.

He said: “I have a variety of clients but most of them are women who are struggling to lose weight.

“It’s all about figuring out what works for them and working with them to make sure they get a good weight loss.

“I provide a lot of motivation and support and to keep them on track. I see my clients weekly and still allowed to be open at the moment, which is good.

“Consultants check in with you very regularly. Cat is one of my best friends now – there’s a friendship aspect to it as well.”

“One of my clients came to me crying because she felt at a loss and she’s down four stone now. It really is life changing.

Glasgow Times:

“The main reason I started is because it’s hard for everyone to reach out for help with your weight, but men really struggle.

“They feel like they can’t ask for help and men struggle just as much as woman mentally, so they also need to reach out and ask for help.”

Last weekend, Martin attended a virtual ceremony after he made it to the final three of Cambridge Weight Plan’s Man of the Year competition, and despite narrowly missing out on first place, is proud to have made it this far.