Deputy first minister John Swinney has vowed the SNP will ensure free meals for all Scottish primary school pupils. 

It would see eligibility for free school lunches extended to all primary school classes including P4 to P7 which was not previously covered. 

Currently, P1 to P3 pupils are already entitled to free school lunches. 

The promise also includes free breakfast for the pupils and an extension to free meals throughout the holidays. 

Speaking at the SNP Annual Conference, Mr Swinney said the programme will be implemented from August 2022. 

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In his speech, he said: As education secretary, I know the impact of poverty on attainment. I know what every teacher will tell you, that the link is direct, obvious and immediate.

"And, I fear that it is about to get harder. The callous cuts to welfare imposed by the Conservatives are bad enough."

"Scotland’s children cannot afford that and we will not stand for it," he added.

"Friends, we want every child to have every chance to learn every minute of every school day, starting from the moment they arrive in class.

"A child arriving at school hungry cannot learn as well as they should.

"So, we will also extend free provision of a healthy breakfast to all primary school pupils as well.

"Breakfast and Lunch for every pupil every school day."