OVERSEAS travel feels like another lifetime after a year of barely straying beyond the Glasgow City Council border.

So it was impossible to resist the offer of one night in Bangkok. Well, One Night In Bangkok.

Like many restaurants around the city, Mamasan has branched out into serving up at-home boxes for foodies to create their own dining out experiences.

I've tried several of these and they can be hit and miss. Let me say up front: this one was a hit.

At £60 for two, as a takeaway meal, it's pricey. But when you think of it as a restaurant experience, it's actually a bargain at £30 per person for four courses and a cocktail.

Especially when those four courses are so generous. There was so much food in my Friday night takeaway that I was still eating leftovers on Sunday.

Glasgow Times: One Night In BangkokOne Night In Bangkok

Of course, it's still a treat but I was on annual leave and all my holidays this year have been cancelled so £30 for a delicious dinner and the pretence of being in a Bangkok restaurant seemed reasonable.

Glasgow Times: One Night In BangkokOne Night In Bangkok

Was it as good as a night out in the Thai capital? Well, I've had a few nights in Bangkok. One of those led me to very accidentally finding myself on stage in a... how can I put it in a family newspaper? Adult entertainment club.

Let me just say, it was a completely innocent mistake with scenes I will - hopefully - never see again. Think woman shooting a dart from a peashooter using a part of her anatomy not designed for such things.

Glasgow Times: One Night In BangkokOne Night In Bangkok

The dart was for popping a balloon I was holding over my head. She did not miss.

And nor did my Mamasan meal, which brought Thailand to my flat in a much more restrained manner.

With at-home boxes, the restaurant chef has done all the work and you only need minimal effort to prepare and plate the dishes.

Every detail was thought through - from flower garnishes in little tubs to dried lotus in a plastic bag tied with string to my cocktail bottle.

We had a glass noodle salad with zingy dressing and crunchy cucumbers. Then Thai fried chicken with a sriracha caramel sauce that crisped up beautifully.

A punchy green curry with monkfish tails and king prawns was packed with flavour. And the meal finished with a Thai spiced chocolate cremaux with spicy pineapple, orange segments and crystallised peanuts saved for the Saturday because I was too full to eat it.

The cocktail was a mix of lemongrass vodka, butterfly pea flower, lychee and egg white and went down very nicely.

The boxes are made fresh to order and can be collected or delivered within a five mile radius. The One Night in Thailand is the first of six South East Asian-inspired menus to cook at home.

Will I be joining them on the rest of their travels? I certainly will.