A WORKER at the Barclays site has revealed the reason why police blocked a road near the building earlier today. 

We told previously how two police cars were seen blocking the top of West Street earlier today. 

A McLaughlin and Harvey worker at the Barclays site told the Glasgow Times that a police convoy which was leading an abnormal load to the site had taken it down a wrong turn and the road had been closed to rectify the problem. 

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Drum Property Group is the developer on the site.

A spokesman for the group said: "There was a delivery of an extra-wide lorry, which would disrupt traffic, to the site. 

"It was trying to manoeuvre into a layby and offload materials. 

"There were complications and the police decided to put the block in place while that was going on. 

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"The materials have since been unloaded and been put by safely.

"There was no police incident at the site."