The Orange Order has produced two "fun" themed Christmas cards for members to buy this year.

One features four snowmen with the message sNOw Surrender and the other features ‘Rudolph the Orange’ nosed reindeer.

The snowmen are decorated with Orange collarettes and bowler hats.

The cards which the Orange Lodge od Scotland said are “fun” cards for members are being promoted on the organisation’s website and on social media.



The Rudolph card has a reindeer with an orange nose in a snowy Chrismas tree scene.

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland had a similar ‘sNOw Surrender’ card  a number of years ago which was criticised by some in the nationalist community as inappropriate given heightened tension over parades that year.

The Orange Order in Scotland said its cards are “fun” and its shop adds to the contribution made by the organisation to charity.

A spokesman for the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, said: “The Grand Lodge produce a variety of products including "fun" Christmas cards to sell and distribute to our members and others who are interested. Numbers sold vary.

“The Grand Orange Lodge donates to various charities both locally and nationally and a proportion of the income from our shop along with other sources of income are donated to charity.”